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Terrasoul Organic Raw Almonds Unpasteurized 16oz


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Brand Terrasoul

Organic certification: USDA organic certification

Country of Origin:Spain

Volume / Weight:16oz

Remarks:   Non-GMOGluten Free




Our Unpasteurized Almonds are truly raw and alive and are never treated by irradiation, ultra high heat, steam or chemically sterilized as required for all domestically grown almonds, even those labeled as “raw”.

Our Unpasteurized Almonds are still a whole, complete food with their fats, enzymes and beneficial microbes all intact. fresh, crunchy, and unpasteurized

- no added sugar, salt, preservatives or artificial coloring and flavoring

- wonderful source of vitamin E, calcium and magnesium

- good mono and polyunsaturated fats for lowering LDL cholesterol

Additional Information

Key ingredients Certified Organic Almonds
Country of Origin Spain
Usage Method Recommends 1-1.5 oz (about 23-28 pieces) of almonds everyday, use them to make delicious almond milk

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