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Newman's Own Organics Organic Prunes 6 oz


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Brand Newman's Own

Organic certification:   USDA organic certification

Country of Origin: USA

Volume / Weight: 6oz





Newman's Own OrganicsOrganic Prunes come with a unique drying process that locks in moisture and sweetness, I can count on these delicious California grown beauties to recreate the taste of summer anytime of the year. Like all Newman's Own Organic Products, our juicy dried plums are created using certifed organic practices so you can feel good about sharing them with your family.


- Naturally sun-dried


- USDA Certified organic


- Gluten free, nut free


- Great source of antioxidants


- Kosher certified

Additional Information

Key ingredients Organic Prunes
Country of Origin USA
Usage Method

Refrigerate after opening

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