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Manna Organic Tricolor Quinoa 454g


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Brand Manna

Organic certification:   USDA organic certification

Country of Origin: Peru

Volume / Weight: 454g



- Recent popular super food.
- Contain the highest protein content of all grains.
- Low high glycemic index, suitable for people with senior and diabetic diets.
- Rich in fiber, essential minerals like iron & zinc as well as vitamins.
- Contains all 10 of the most important amino acids.
- High in calcium.
- Perfect for everyone, including people with wheat and related food allergies.
- Non-GM.
- Gluten Free & 100% organic.
- Low fat & low sodium.
- No cholesterol.
- Easy to digest.

Additional Information

Key ingredients Organic Raw White Quinoa, Organic Raw Black Quinoa, Organic Raw Red Quinoa
Country of Origin Peru
Usage Method

Cooks in 15 minutes. Suitable for people with gluten & wheat free diets as well as senior and diabetic diets.

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