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Manna Organic Flame Raisins 150g

Manna Organic Flame Raisins 150g

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Brand Manna

Organic certification:   USDA

Country of Origin: USA

Volume/Weight: 150g


Product Expiry Date: 25 Apr 2018



Manna Organic Flame Raisins good for kidney and anti-aging, health benefits longevity, prevent constipation and cancer, balance blood pressure, enhance immunity, help brain development, and turn white hair black naturally.

The raisins is rich in potassium, iron and other minerals and carbohydrates, to meet your daily nutrition needs.

Manna Organic Flame Raisins is planted and produced in US, the US Department of Agriculture USDA organic certification.

Additional Information

Key ingredients Organic Dried Raisins
Country of Origin USA
Usage Method No

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