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Peruvian Harvest Organc Black Quinoa Grain 250g


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Brand Peruvian Harvest

Organic certification:   USDA

Country of Origin: Peru

Volume / Weight: 250g

Remarks:   vegangluten freenon-gmo


Quinoa is a plant original to the Andean region of Peru.   Known by the Incas as 'Cisaya Mama' (Mother of All Grains) Black Quinoa is well known due to its nutritional composition, containing essential amino acids, iron, zinc and other nutrients.  Peruvian Harvest's black quinoa grain is made from select grain, 100% clean guaranteed with the unique process that ensures that no saponin, dirt and other foreign materials are present within the product while maintaining its nutrients intact.

Additional Information

Key ingredients Black quinoa grain
Country of Origin Peru
Usage Method

Food Preparation

A great addition for any meal. Pre-soak the grain for 30 minutes in room temperature water. Rinse and cook for 20-30 minutes or until nice and soft. Use it for soups and other hot meals, or let it cool and use it to prepare incredible salads.



Once cooked, black quinoa grain could be a great addition for the preparation of delicious and nutritious desserts.

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