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Manna Organic White Quinoa 454g


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Brand Manna

Organic certification:   USDA organic certification

Country of Origin: Peru

Volume / Weight: 454g



- Recent popular super food.
- Contain the highest protein content of all grains.
- Low high glycemic index, suitable for people with senior and diabetic diets.
- Rich in fiber, essential minerals like iron & zinc as well as vitamins.
- Contains all 10 of the most important amino acids.
- High in calcium.
- Perfect for everyone, including people with wheat and related food allergies.
- Non-GM.
- Gluten Free & 100% organic.
- Low fat & low sodium.
- No cholesterol.
- Easy to digest.

Additional Information

Key ingredients Organic Raw White Quinoa
Country of Origin Peru
Usage Method

Cooks in 15 minutes. Suitable for people with gluten & wheat free diets as well as senior and diabetic diets.

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